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Thankyou to our current sponsors:

Ocean Frontiers

Who said there are no places left in the world to explore? Chris and Clark are about to do just that. We have been watching Chris's adventures over the years with great admiration. He is a calculated risk taker with a wild imagination who approaches his expeditions with complete professionalism. If anyone can inspire young Australians to get out and have a go, surely he and Clark will. They are great Ambassadors for Ocean Frontiers Pty Ltd and we are really excited to be a partner with their expedition. In 2006, Ocean Frontiers Pty Ltd will embark on a program of supporting young Australian Adventurers achieve their dreams.

Australian Geographic The Australian Geographic Society - dedicated to supporting scientific research, environmental and community projects and encouraging the spirit of adventure and discovery – has decided to generously support this latest expedition, this time in a big way! We count this as a high honour, and a big thrill!

W.L. Gore W. L. Gore & Associates - makers of the world famous GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® Fabrics proudly supports this expedition. Gore's revolutionary patented membrane technology, proven for 25 years, forever changed the standard of performance outerwear when it was introduced, and the world has never looked back.

UNSW We are both students of The University of New South Wales - one of the leading teaching and research universities in Australia. The vice-chancellor, Professor M. Wainwright, and the head of Electrical Engineering, UNSW - EE&TProfessor B. Celler, have individually made very generous contributions towards this expedition. Dr Richard Corkish, Head of the school of Photovoltaic UNSW - PVEngineering at UNSW is very kindly providing the powerhouse behind the expedition's electronics - 4 fantastic solar panels.

Air Canada Australia's premiere link with Canada - Air Canada - has generously agreed to sponsor this expedition. Ranked as the world's safest airline in an independent analysis of more than 500 airlines, we are delighted to be flying with them to the start of our epic adventure.

ALCOA Through their Australian agent 'Active Planet', Exped - world renowned for their expedition equipment (Tents, sleeping mats, waterproof sleeping bags, poles etc), Ortlieb - practically defining the word 'waterproof', and Karrimor - all are supporting us on our venture!,,,

Dick Smith Foods AUSTRALIAN MADE and AUSTRALIAN OWNED Dick Smith Foods are made in Australia by Australian owned companies. We believe this is important because it provides employment for Australians and all the profits remain here, helping the future of our country.

ALCOA Alcoa - the worlds largest aluminium company, spanning 42 countries - has provided us with the aluminium to build our two kayak/sled/trolleys.

W.L. Gore From modest beginnings, the popularity of Leatherman tools has grown rapidly. Now the LEATHERMAN® brand is recognized as the leader in sales, quality and innovations within the compact multipurpose tool category. Now We're Ready!

RAYMARINE Raymarine, the world leader in marine electronics develops and manufactures the most comprehensive range of electronic equipment for the marine market. They have sponsored us a RayChart400 Handheld GPS Chartplotter for this venture.

UNSW Thanks to Icebreaker - makers of the world's leading insulation & thermal wear - we will now be snug and warm up in the Arctic, sporting the world's warmest performance underwear / thermals, made from the finest Merino wool.

Landwide Satellite Solutions Landwide Satellite Solutions - long-term supporter of my expeditions, will provide '1000 Hour Day' with satellite mobile phones, our central piece of communications equipment.

Ross Fehlberg Pty Ltd and Austorient Freight Services Ross Fehlberg Pty Ltd and Austorient Freight Services - committed to excellence in personalised service in all areas of cargo logistics including Customs Clearance, International Freight Forwarding, Transport and Warehousing.

Cellabs Dr A. M. Smithyman made a substantial donation to Ocean Frontiers 1000 Hour Day through his Sydney based company ‘Cellabs’ – a member of the Australian Biotechnology Association. Thanks! has been supporting all my various journeys, providing me with the free loan of the Pains Wessex FastFind Plus 406Mhz EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons).

Diamonds North Resources Diamonds North is a dynamic exploration team focused on strategically advancing diamond opportunities in Northern Canada. They generously helped us out financially and logistically, as well as providing what information they could on Victoria Island where they have a summer camp.

GMN Global Marine Networks is kindly hosting the communications for our expedition! Providing us with email compression software to enable us to efficiently send & receive Emails live from the expedition via our small sub-notebook linked to our Iridium satellite mobile phone.

GMN Quality audio is as important as quality video for a documentary. We know this and Rode Microphones do too, so they kindly sponsored us two brilliant shotgun 'VideoMics' to complement our HD video Cameras. Thanks!

DirtyDog Eyeware The demanding conditions and perpetual sunlight and UV we will face in the Arctic will meet their match with our stylish Dirty Dog eyewear. Developed from the discovery of 'TR90' - A lightweight and virtually unbreakable compound, Dirty Dog sunnies and masks are in demand from successful athletes as a brand that can be relied on to perform in extreme conditions.

Navionics Today, marine navigation is largely done on electronic charts. It was Navionics that brought this concept to the world in 1984, opening up a new era for navigation. No more heavy, bulky paper charts that become torn and tattered on expeditions – these plug into our Raymarine handheld chartplotter.

Last - but most certainly not least - thankyou so very much to everyone who has contributed personally to this expedition, be it with a donation, encouragement, support or ideas - it means a great deal to us to have so many enthusiastic people behind us helping us achieve our dreams. I couldn't begin to list everyone to whom this credit should go, but a few names do immediately spring to mind:

ThanksThese people have given generous personal donations from their own pocket to help us reach our goal: Ann McFarlane, Cathy Kennedy, Margaret Bray, Margaret Donald, Helen & Keith Smith, Richard Laffan, Tony & Tere Garland...

And everyone else who has played their own important part, including: Alan Brightman, Alejandro Rolandi, Alex Stuit, Alexandra Darcy, Andrew, Ernest and Sue - Solazone, Anne-Claire Dejardin, Ben Charlton, Bob Iddles, Branko Celler, Christine Heywood, Dave Thomas, David Yates, Diane McDowell, Don & Margie McIntyre, Doug Stern, Dr Richard Corkish, Eric Philips, Isabelle Alaban, Jasper Timm, Jeno Toppler, John Booth, Jonathan Selby, Josef Eberl, Karl Toppler, Keith Lear, Lawrence Otokiak, Liz McDougall, Luis Soltero, Michael Ison, Michelle Rowley, Nick Simmonds, Nir Yaffe, Phil and Liz from Fine Tolerance, Rick Slowgrove, Robin Kydd, Sacha Dench, Simon Barrow, Stephen Curtain, Sue Clothier, many other friends, and my own Bray family - Mum (Vicky), sister (Sarah) ,- especially to my Dad (Andrew), who helped us build our PACs to meet our deadline. Thankyou!